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Porsche of Greenville

The Future is Today

Clean energy is not just a dream. A strategy that paves the way to emission-free mobility that conserves resources cannot focus only on powertrain technology. Other areas of alternative fuels must be explored, such as biogas or environmentally neutral fuel production.

The path to get there is part of the destination. This is particularly true of the vision for sustainable individual mobility. The longed-for end goal to be able to provide transport systems which are sustainable and produce no emissions, necessitates an entire series of impactful steps which make individual forms of transport more environmentally friendly and less resource-heavy.

The optimization of combustion engines to make them ever more fuel efficient and the evolution of hybrid technology as a bridge towards fully sustainable mobility are mirrored in developments in the field of fuel technology. Alternatives to gas and diesel from crude oil have been widely available for many years. These are sometimes even combined with traditional energy sources. Examples include the blending ethanol from renewable sources with fossil fuels. Strategies that promote a move away from fossil fuels are intended to curb global warming and regenerative fuels can make a significant contribution in this respect.

The future is today.


Date Posted: April 24, 2018